Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I love my job

These pictures were taken during our last full week of school. I have a class of first grade girls that really like to draw on the board. Since this was the last week of school and I was letting different girls take turns on the keyboard, etc., I let them draw. When I saw what they were writing, my heart broke. So sweet.

Next year they will be big 2nd graders. How they change. My Claire is about to be a 3rd grader, Jacob a 5th grader, Benjamin in MIDDLE SCHOOL , and Matthew a SENIOR. I can't believe it. This time of year is always a little emotional. After our concert the other night the kids slowly drift off until none are coming to class for different reasons. Strange building up to our concert and then it is over so fast.

For the first two weeks of summer we are doing nothing. I mean no planned activities. After that it all starts, but for those two weeks, I am going to reclaim my house, etc. Just enjoy being together as a family. I wish I were going on a mission trip, but we just didn't work it out. We will have to make our summer one big mission trip.

Take care.
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