Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thanks, Mom!

Here is my beautiful mother yesterday at her house in Jackson. We got to go see her for Mother's Day and she baked this awesome cake for my birthday today. We had a great time with them all. Mom, Chuck, the kids, Ron and Steve were all there.

The weather was horrible on our way home. We almost stayed in Jackson, but we prayed and drove on. Matt said the weather was better up north. It was a little better. We thanked God when we got home. The kids were pretty nervous about it.....then they fell asleep, which was good. I was glad to be back with my boys. The den was really clean because Matthew cleaned it up so he could have a lady friend over to watch a movie. I was thrilled until I went in my room and saw where everything in the den had gone. :/

Today I went to Tequilas after church with the Matt, the kids, Amber and Nathan. Matt surprised me with the hat and song from all of the nice folks at Tequillas, but sadly I missed out on the whipped cream in the face. (sarcasm)

I can't believe I am almost 40. wow!

Hope all you mothers have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!
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