Monday, July 7, 2008

The rain finally came

We had a great 4th with Mom and the kids. It hasn't really rained here in Oxford since right before we put in the French drain, so we couldn't really test it.
Right after we took the hamburgers and brats off of the grill the rain came in a big way. We needed it so badly. Right before that it was so incredibly hot and humid. If you are from or have been in Mississippi you know what I am talking about. Mississippi has its own special brand of humidity.
Matt and I had bought two tomato plants the day before to try to grow some tomatoes before summer is over. When it sprinkled earlier we decided to plant them. The humidity was steaming off of our skin after all of the digging. The kids were in the pool, so we decided to jump in and surprise them. (clothes and all) I could put some action shots on here, but my pride might be too big (as my 16 year old made whale sounds as he saw the picture for the first time.) (Yes, he did get slapped. Kidding. He just got the look and more reason for me to get out his cute little whale-riding picture from many years ago.) OK, this one doesn't show much except the experience. The kids were so shocked.
I think we got coolness points for that spontaneity.

This is our last full week together at home as a family this summer. Matt and the boys go to Centri-kids next Monday, then we have the revival, and then Matthew goes to X-fuge in Florida. Matt and I start school the next Friday. I am not allowed to mention this to Matt right now. :) I am kidding. This has been the best summer. Have a great week.

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