Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great week away and great one at home again

This past week was wild. Ok...today is July 29th. Well...it has all kind of been a blur. Matt and the kids were gone to Centri-kid while Matty and I were home. We went to Jackson Friday, July 18th to meet up with everyone and to see my family that was at my mom's for a reunion on Sun.

Sunday morning the revival began at Park Place. Sunday night after church, Matthew and I headed back to Oxford to get him on the bus to go to X-fuge in Florida with our youth group. Then, Monday, I went to the Teaching Artist's workshop in Oxford. It was very cool being with other performers and learning how to go into schools/libraries, etc. to teach about the arts. After the workshop on Tuesday, I drove to Jackson in time to meet up with Matt for the remaining two nights of the revival. We got to see my friend who was in the wreck. She looks so great. She is walking around and looking so good.

It was all such a blessing. It was so great to be with everyone and really see God show up. I am so excited to see what is going to be happening in their church. Their new pastor will be coming this next weekend. Wednesday night we were pretty much done with everything and were ready to head home together. It had been almost two weeks since Matt, the boys, and Claire had been home. This last week has been great. I almost can't believe that I start school on Friday. In a little over two days.

School bags, paper, pencils and notebooks have been bought. I think the kids are actually almost ready, too. Or they are in denial. Not sure which it is. It is going to be so tough to get back into a routine. Right now it is 11:35. I can't be up this late next week and function at all. Last year Matt and I totally abused ourselves with our lack of sleep. I was so grouchy all the time. Anyway, that is my goal.

Please pray for one of my co-workers whose husband died yesterday.
I can't imagine what she is going through right now.

Sorry, I had a lot to get off of my brain. God bless.....

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