Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Moe and me

Well, we are half-way through our week here in Oxford by ourselves. It has been a good time. Everyone left on Monday. Claire to Nana's and the boys and Matt to Centri-kids.
I let Monday be Matthew's big day of jammin' with his friends. We had a drum set and two amps with two electric guitars and microphones going. I wanted to let Matthew do his thing and then we were going to get down to cleanin' business. It has gone pretty well. We got some done before Matthew had to go to work last night. I went to Wal-mart while Matthew worked and then we went to see Get Smart.
Not crazy about all of the language in it, but I laughed until I cried during some of it. Steve Carell is hilarious to me.
This morning we got back down to business. We are sorting, pitching, and giving away...oh and recycling. We have so much junk that I am getting a little overwhelmed. I am asking for all prayers that I can focus. I am trying to get a system for all of the incoming music/papers/art/mail that comes in during the year.
I have two more days to pack for next week and do all of my organizing. Matt is so cute. He texts me every few hours with something else to bring to Jackson. Matthew leaves on Monday for his trip, so we have to open a checking account for him to cash his first paycheck to use. There you go.
Claire forgot her bathing suit, so I hurried and ordered one from I love that website. I accidentally ordered Amazon prime over Christmas and now our shipping is free on most things. This could be bad. I will be good, though. She got her package today and loves the suit. Love those end of summer sales.
I guess that is about all. I am excited about seeing our friend, Beverly, who has been recovering from a very bad car wreck. I think we will get to see her Sunday night after the revival.
Hope you all have a good week. We can't wait to be at Park Place BC. Here is the link for info on the revival. Park Place Baptist Church Revival

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