Monday, March 24, 2008

Matthew loves me the most

OK, I am being a little like Marie on Everyone Loves Raymond, but I can't help it. I made spinach casserole from a recipe I got from the Internet. I thought we had Mamaw's recipe, but I couldn't find it in my recipe box and I just didn't think about picking up the phone and calling her.

Well, on Easter everyone tried the casserole. Little bites were taken here and there. Matthew, however, took hefty bites and even finished his portion.

Well, tonight, I re-heated our left-overs from Easter dinner. The Sister Schubert's rolls were long gone. We had ham left, pasta, fruit salad and SPINACH CASSEROLE. I went to much care to mix it up better to blend the cream cheese in more (thinking that this was why it was not devoured). Do you think it was eaten? No. Not even my husband, who cares so much about making our kids eat their veggies, would touch it. OK, he has a reputation for being slightly picky, but at least my sweet daughter would eat it. You guessed it. Not a chance. She did later out of total guilt, but just a couple of little bites. She actually shuddered after one bite. Just like when they were babies. So....does this mean that my casserole tasted like baby food? Hmmmm.............

Finally, I offered money to anyone who would eat my food. Matthew took me up on my offer and I paid him $5. Jacob tried with a few bites and then stopped. Benjamin (my Matt look-a-like) didn't even look at it. He said I could pay him 39,000 to eat 39,000 peeps. I was totally insulted. Matt said that he would make them eat it if it tasted good. He braced himself for being knocked out, but I was bigger than that. I wasn't going to stoop to their lever. He was pushing the bonds of our marriage in a major way.

I mean it even had the little fried onions on top until I mixed them in to blend the cream cheese. (OK, don't tell my family, but I thought it was a little gross, too. I just couldn't swallow my pride long enough to admit it.) Anyway, it is gone and I told Jacob as he walked away that I knew he loved me, but not as much as Matthew. I know I have been a little twisted and codependent tonight.

Changing the subject, church yesterday was great. It was such a celebration of what it should have been about. A guy re-committed his life to Christ and another girl got saved. This is what "Easter" is all about. Celebrating the new life Jesus gives us if we come to Him and believe. Our friend Shannon sang an incredible song then our pastor preached an awesome sermon.

Matt and I both agreed, though, that we weren't into the bunny thing much at all and probably will be downplaying it more and more. It really almost turned my stomach to give chocolate and sugar, just because of tradition. Benjamin started asking questions in the car on the way home from church about what bunnies have to do with Easter. I really couldn't give an answer....or did not want to go where asking this question myself would take us. We are already the freaks of the church....well, not as much here at this church, but to question the sacredness of this tradition would, I know, be offensive to some.

We are very much excited about Passover and learning more about that. I am remembering a Passover meal we had when we went to Park Place. It was so much fun sitting around a big table with another family and going through the different parts of the dinner.

Anyway, the next few weeks are going to be fun. Jacob's birthday is next week and we ordered his presents yesterday so they would get here in time. I hope I am not totally crazy, but we got him an archery set. A real one. I am a sucker when he wants something specific. He is such a manly-man. He also wanted a Neo something or other. Like a Bionicle, but a different brand. Anyway. They are on their way from Amazon. We've got to plan his birthday. He has been dying to have it in Jackson and invite their buddy Brian to go bowling. We'll have to see.

After his birthday, we go to Mashulaville to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa's 65th wedding anniversary. Grandma is so excited about it. She is so cute. I can't even imagine being married 65 years. I guess I am on my way with almost 13 years.

Matt's choir goes to state competition Wednesday in Ridgeland. I know they will do great. I remember last year Matt almost couldn't ride down on the bus because of his back. Thanks to the chiropractor and his big white exercise ball he is great now.

Take care, and have an awesome week. I have gotten so pumped up after listening to all of the podcasts from Northpoint Community Church in Georgia. If you want to check them out, here is the website:
Northpoint podcasts
Here is the site for the messages you can listen to online:
Northpoint messages
The other day I started listening to "It Came From Within", and today I went back to listening to the series "Discovering God's Will". They are so good.
Take care.

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