Friday, April 11, 2008

Hay in my van, kids at school, Matt on a bus to Atlanta and me being a slug

I am so thankful that my school district built in some snow days this year. Last year we had to take snow days and had to make them up. Well, today is a day that was to have been a snow day. Since we didn't use it, we all got a little vacation. We'll get another in two weeks. Ahhhh............
I usually have many plans for my days off. Today my mind was set on my bed and watching parts of Nero Wolfe in between sleep. I have already had a little part of that, and am about to have more.

The kids will be home in about an hour and then it will be exciting. Matt has gone to Atlanta with the LHS choir. They are singing in a competition and going to Six Flags. He'll be back Sunday night.

My last elementary musical of this school year is Monday night. It is set on a farm so I went the other day and got two bales of hay. I took it to the auditorium so my family could fit in the van and that I wouldn't be smelling hay all weekend. But.....there is quite a bit left in the van. When the musical is over I am going to bring one bale home and let Jacob use it for archery practice with his new bow and arrows.

Well, have a great weekend. Matthew is doing a drama with his drama group for the conference at church. I was involved in this, but will be home with our peeps.

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