Friday, April 25, 2008

Weeping and gnashing of teeth

Most of my family is happy this morning. Jacob is going on a field-trip to the pizza farm (where they show how all the ingredients of pizza are made and then they see it made and eat it!), Benjamin is also semi-happy. He tried to make his stomach virus last one more day. He did the usual "my stomach still hurts a little" thing. He really likes to be at home. When he saw that it wasn't happenin', he got OK and got on the bus.
Matthew is pretty good. He got off pretty easy, in my opinion, from the confusion over his Disney World spending, etc., so I think he is just kind of flitting around hoping things don't change with our thought about this issue. Lots of his friends bought things for "themselves" and then didn't want them. I mean this happened about 4 or 5 times. One friend bought an "As I Lay Dying" t-shirt and curiously didn't want it. I discovered this one this morning. Something is up or either Matthew has a way of looking totally pitiful where people want to buy him things. Embarrassing. I don't think he cares, though.

Matt is slightly bitter that I have the day off from school, but not too much. He isn't showing any animosity towards me. :) He is learning Man of Constant Sorrow to do with the Lafayette Quartet. Fun! I wish I had thought of that one. My ensemble is doing Tuxedo Junction, what they consider old people music. Ouch.

Claire, on the other hand, left the house and got on the bus in tears. I hate to see my girl like this, but we have been dealing with the issue of her not wanting to read for school. I know playing with friends outside looks far more fun, still have to do what you have to do. I trusted her one time and just signed that she had read and found out later that she had NOT read. I said "no more". I had to stay late at school and got home around 6. I drove up and she was laying out on the driveway at Annie's house. I can't believe she is doing this at 7. They had blankets and pillows and an umbrella ( no bathing suits, just wrapped up in their own blankets) to shield them from the hot sun. Anyway, I asked her later if she had read. I asked her to go read before supper....didn't happen. Before her shower.....didn't happen. (she just kept showing up talking about something totally different). Then, she wanted to stay up late and read and I had to think back on a sign I saw on a bakery door (referring to wedding cakes). It read "Your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency on my part". I was ready for my girl to learn this. This morning I wrote her teacher a note saying that we would finish the book this weekend. I think the thought of letting her teacher down and facing the consequences was too much for her. I hated for her to leave like this, but I hope this has made an impression.

I know, I am mean. Most parents now-a-days would probably have bailed her out, but I want her to grow up to be responsible and maybe not come home and live with me when she is 30. (of course I would always take my child into my home if she or he were having a major life crisis, just not if they wanted me to keep doing everything for them.)

Today I am home with mom. I am so excited. Our day is wide open. Not sure what we will do. First, I have to get the garbage out, though. Exciting. :)
Tomorrow we are going to see my 95 year old grandmother whom I haven't seen in too long. she had to move to Alabama a few years ago. We are meeting two of my brothers who both live in Atlanta. I can't wait to see those knuckle-heads. (I have 4 big brothers just so you know). I say knuckle-heads with the most affection.

Have a blessed day. God is so good. I hope you all know that He loves you very much. Just thought I might link to this page on our website that talks about this, FYI. Who is Jesus?

I will find out today or Monday if I got he job in Oxford. I have a hint that I am supposed to stay where I am, I am just not positive. We'll see. Take care.

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Emila Yusof said...

I am sure that Claire will understand soon but her laying on the driveway; that was cute!

Anyway, I've got an award for you:

Happy Mother's Day in advance!

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