Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kayla Gala

Tonight Matthew had the honor of performing at a benefit concert. He played with his jazz band at Oxford High School. On the first song here he has a solo. It is a pretty long video, but really good.

Matt and I officially told our director that we needed to take a breather from the Oxford Civic Chorus. I hated it because the music we were doing was so good, and we were going to perform in Birmingham and in the Ford Center at Ole Miss. Our family comes first, though. When I told Claire she cheered. They had tried to be supportive of us going, but deep down I don't think they liked us being gone during the week.

Tomorrow is our last school day until spring break and then tomorrow night a friend from church has offered to baby-sit for us so we can have a date. :)

These past few weeks have been so wild. Please pray for me about where I am supposed to be next year. I would love to be close to home, but just am not sure where the Lord wants me. I know He will work it out.

Ironically, I have been listening to messages from Northpoint Community Church in Georgia that have been about becoming great and what that means. About what it really means to be great. Is it that you are great at something, or just that you strive to be the kind of person that is known for loving people and serving them? Good stuff.

Take care.

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