Saturday, March 1, 2008

Like I said...Matt, Claire, Benjamin, Uncle Neil and Elizabeth are fun people!

Here is just a quick post before I clean up our den. Matt and the kids went with Neil and his girlfriend Elizabeth to Southaven to see U23D tonight. The kids are beside themselves. Claire was jumping all around dancing and singing. Jacob decided that he could see it anytime and really wanted to stay home, so I stayed with him. He is more laid-back and low key. He likes the peace of home and all the computer to himself. (He thinks. :)

We have had a great weekend. I took off Friday to go to Mom's and on the way went to Claire's school to read some Dr. Seuss books. Here is a pic of the Cat in the Hat rice krispie treat I made.
It was fun to be there. Dr. Seuss was our author of the month and I was supposed to do something special to celebrate him. I don't get to go to their school much since I work so far away.

Today we saw Mamaw and Uncle Chris for lunch before we drove home.

I am so ready for March. Now Matt and I are through with our big weeks of festivals. His choir will go on to state competition later this month. My choir did so much to be proud of, but we won't be going on to competition. We are going to be working toward our final concert and singing at graduation. They want do put on a talent show, but we'll have to see.

It is kind of cool to be building a program, but it is also tough. I am learning to be what these kids need. It doesn't always come naturally. They need structure and discipline and I have always grown up with love and not so much discipline. I am praying as I work through my relationships with my students. There can be so many feelings on sleeves in high school. The students at that age can be so mean and the kids are just hardened by that sometimes. God is holding my hand this whole way through. He is so good. He is showing me how to learn from my mistakes. I must be learning a lot. Hah! :)

I am not sure if I wrote about how the 4th-6th grade musical went. It was great! The kids were fantastic. So much charisma in that group. It was so much more them than anything I did that pulled that off. I really needed that success leading up to this week. If I hadn't had that, I'm not sure I would have a job now. OK, I am over-reacting a little bit. It did help, though. Please pray for my hs group. They really need a good end of the year.

I forgot to mention that last weekend Matthew got to go to the Ole Miss Band Clinic. We were so proud for him. Here he is with his siblings.
Doesn't he look proud to be with us? :)He is so dignified at 16 years old.
Would you blame him? We are a motley crew.

Here is the concert band performing.

Anyway, one more week until spring break. Thank you, Lord.

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