Sunday, November 4, 2007

Parties galore

I had the fun of going to my friend Leslie's surprise birthday party Saturday afternoon. Her husband, Tommy, had made all of the plans. They boiled shrimp and it was goood!
Leslie's mom had a time getting her there, though. We waited a little longer for her to get home. I know how it is when you get to go shopping with your mom. She even wanted to go to a Sweet Potato Festival. Her mom finally had to act sick to get her home. She was floored that her husband would do that. Our other good friend from Pelahatchie was there with her kids. I couldn't believe how much they have all grown. The kids had fun being around the chiminea with their Uncle Paul. One child got a little too close and has a bit of a new hairdo. It was a good time.

When I got ready to leave around 9:30 to drive back to Oxford, my car didn't want to crank. I knew the car was running great and was wondering what it could have been. Finally it cranked, I got a little down the road and looked at my gas gauge. It was lower than it had ever been, so I drove to the first Grenada exit. When I got to the gas station, I realized that my billfold was by my computer at home and I didn't have a dime on me. I was thankful for cell phones and called Leslie, who sent her brother to give me some money. Humbling.....
Thank you, Paul.

Matt and the kids were in Jackson. Matt went down Saturday morning to see the high school choir sing in Pearl. They did pretty well. The kids went down Friday with my mom. Matthew got to shop with Mamaw for his birthday. He got a cool fender t-shirt like he likes. Cool clothes. He is much cooler than I ever was in high school. :) I will have more to say about his birthday after Wednesday night. (I hope he doesn't read this before then...)
We have many fun things in store. We need them because things are kind of strained between us right now. It burdens my heart, but he is going his own direction. It is just a little difficult for us to handle sometimes. I know they all have to be themselves, but what is that and what is rebellion? I have much praying to do. I know that God is in control of his life. I pray that I will just give him over to God and let the Holy Spirit work in his life.

It is tough for us to not have conflict with him. He brings up topics sometimes that make it seem like he wants conflict. ???????????????? I think we need to show him that he is so much more important to us than those little things about him. He is only almost 16. (His birthday is tomorrow.) Why do we let these little things separate us?

Matt and I have a lot going on in the next few weeks. The Oxford Civic Chorus concert is next weekend. We need to plan for the different musicals coming during Christmas. Please keep us in your prayers that we will glorify God as we plan and lead these, and don't neglect our family. I guess in a way, we are very blessed because people who are in Music get to hear, sing, think about this music and what Christmas means way before the holiday. So, yea.....

Have a great week!!

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