Thursday, November 29, 2007

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I love this picture.
I am taking a couple of minutes out of my day to look at beautiful pictures. I guess I am trying to escape momentarily.
This time of the year is a little nuts. I love it, but I always have to just take a deep breath and jump in. I often am thinking, "Why did I become a Music teacher again?"
Tonight Matt and I are singing for the Senior banquet at church. We stayed home this morning to practice, etc. I am going to go back to school for choir, though. The choir is singing Sunday at a church in Potts Camp. Every time we even begin to go somewhere like this, my heart starts pounding. I can handle my own performing....if I mess up, I can handle it. I can control the way I think about the excited I get about it. Getting these kids to care about what we are doing is something entirely different. Please pray that all of our work will come together. Pray that I will know how to lead them. (This is only my second year with high school.)
I think a lot of the kids are getting discouraged because I have to stop so often for discipline problems. We have a tough time learning many songs. Getting all the way through songs, etc. I know so much of this is my lack of experience. Matt is really encouraging me, though. He is reminding me of his year at Morton.
He makes me feel a little better.
On a fun note, the Oxford Civic Chorus sang Tuesday night at the Powerhouse in Oxford. I got to sing the solo on Shenandoah. It was a lot of fun.
This time of year is so wonderful. I am going to try to remember what it is all about and love it even in the midst of craziness.
This week my principal is leaving to go be the Superintendent in another school district. Tomorrow we are having a big shindig for him. I am supposed to re-write "Lucille" to sound like "Basil". We are trying to get all teachers to sing with us.
Should be fun. Well, have a great rest of the week. Shoot us an email....we would love to hear what you all are doing?

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Ron Dickerson said...

Hey - Wish I could have heard you sing the solo - sure you belted it out. Had a great time at Thanksgiving - and thanks for making the awesome cheesecake. I'm still wearing my pants a little tight... :)



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