Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Other Half

It is no fun when your sweetheart is down. Matt has had back/ leg problems for a little while and now it is getting worse. Sometimes you wake up one day and realize that you really thought your husband was invincible. It is a real wake-up call to see them in pain. Matt's pain got a lot worse today, and went back to the doctor instead of leading worship at church. The doctor told him to come back tomorrow morning for a sonogram. His leg is so swollen. I feel so bad for him.

A sweet person at church offered to keep the kids at church while I went with him to the doctor. I hope that they were good. :/ That was a big prayer request considering this morning Claire had an episode with the sweet person's son. Maybe her sweet little girl self came out instead of the one that was at church this morning.

Matt is taking his choir to Pearl Tuesday morning for state competition. I pray that he will be feeling great to ride on a bus for 5 or so hours. That is what is going on with us. I know it could be much worse. God is so faithful and I know He will work it all out.

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bryant boy said...

hey guys its the bryants, we sure have missed yall. sorry to here matt is down for a minute hope he gets better soon, we will be praying for him to recover quickly. we are coming down at the end of april we will come and visit yall. shoot me an email sometime and let us know how yall been. later the bryants

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