Friday, March 23, 2007

I have one too many houses and 1000 too many boxes of stuff

Well, the moving plan to get things all wrapped up in Holly Springs is taking me a little longer than I had expected. :) That is ok, though. I would love to just put everything left from the garage sale out to the curb..because there isn't a place to donate things in Holly Springs, but I can't bring myself to throw away good things.

Mamaw is coming today and I would have loved to have had the house all in order for her, with pictures on the walls. It is always so fun to have her around. I want to enjoy our time, and us not all be worried about getting things clean, etc. Anyway...we will be going to our choir retreat for church tomorrow, so not much organizing will happen then, anyway. It's all good.

I have got to make a list. My mind is about to explode. When am I going to learn this? :)
I have to find judges for our school talent show. Maybe Denny Terrio is still around. If you know who that is I am so proud of you, even though I misspelled his name probably.

Have a great weekend!!


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

Laurie - Hello!
You have blessed me!

I wish we could have a cup of tea together! Blahgging works though ... "until that final day"... :)

Here is a song for you by Fernando Ortega...

Prayer for Home:

"Grant them peace,
Most precious gift of all,
Keep the worried world
Far away and small.
When they return
May quiet fill their souls
Dearest Lord, keep them safe
Within its walls
May the stone
Be cool beneath their feet,

The canyon breezes
Circle soft and sweet.
When darkness falls
The stars and opal moon
Find them wrapped in each other,
Ever warm.

May it be a refuge for their love,
A harbor for their deepest prayer.
May they come to flourish in the grove,
Grow ever nearer to you there.

Many a burdened friend
In their company rises.
A heavy heart
Is soon released to fly.
May their table be blessed with laughter and with grace,
And by the comfort of kinship
Be surprised.

May the cold winds
Blow far from their front door.
May the winter rains
Never bring them harm.
May their hearth fires
Burn throughout the night.
Grant them sleep
Until morning's perfect light."

Psalm 103,
Blueyeduck Studios

Cumby said...

Love the picture of the dog. The name Denny Terrio brings to mind dancing but I don't remember why. :D

Laurie Jones said...

Thanks. I wish I could take credit for it, but I can't remember exactly where I got that one. It looks just like my doggie, though. Denny Terio was the cool Dance Fever guy. :)
Take care....

dgs said...

About Deney Terrio. I worked with his wife about 4 or 5 years ago in central Florida. I have been to their house several times but haven't been in contact with them on the ast several years.

Laurie said...

That is awesome! Thanks for the comment. I wish I could just watch that show one more time. It would really take me back. :)
Take care....

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