Monday, June 1, 2009

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Blogger, Hostbaby, it too much? Nah.

I am thinking to myself. How much time is reasonable for one to spend on the computer? What do you think? Is it a fun little outlet that connects you to your friends and family? I think so. Can one spend too much time on these websites? I think so. I guess it is just like anything else. All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.

I sure like being able to see people who, because of the way our world is, I have lost touch with. I love to see what these people are up to and to hear their thoughts about life.

Do I think I need to say no to most of the quizzes, etc.? For me...probably so because I could get a little too into them. Spend a little too much time on them. Is is totally fun to farm on facebook? I think so. Can one get consumed by sending their friends fruit trees? I think maybe so.

I remember my dad staying up late at night programming on the computer. It was a sight I got used to. I also remember wanting him to stop and talk to me or play with me. I need to remember that. Computer programming was his career. It's not mine. I have loved creating our website, but I probably should admit that I have spent time on it that I could have used on other things. I prayed yesterday that God would set my family on fire for Him. That we would be sold out and seeking how He can use us. Before I beat myself up about being on the computer too much I will remember that this can be used for God's glory, too. Because this is where people are a lot, I will use the time I am on to be a light for Him. To point people to Him. Otherwise, this time could be wasted. Not that a little wasted time is not OK, but too much would be sad.

OK, I have rambled enough. See you around on facebook....the short time in the day that I am on. :)

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