Sunday, February 22, 2009

Church was awesome today!

Church was great today. It is amazing when you can really feel that God is totally there in worship. Bro. Ken wrapped up the series on Fireproof, the movie, this week. God is so awesome. His love and mercy for us is unbelievable. I can't believe what He can really do in people's lives, but it is amazing to see when it is visible. I can't believe how much better my relationship with Matt is, with my kids, with God.

That was an incredible movie. Matt and I have never really been to the lawyer point, but we have felt like it. I don't know how our marriage would be now if we didn't have Jesus in the middle of it. It isn't always the most fun for me to think about what he needs at the I might want a back rub, but if he is tired or sick, or busy, then I wait. The selfish part of me wants what I want now. That is not how to have a good marriage. There is a better way. When God gets hold of your marriage, it can be awesome.

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