Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year......

This week is so glorious. I am home with my family, getting ready for Christmas. Beginning to wrap presents..... planning for Christmas Eve with our families.

The musical at church was wonderful. Amber and Jontyler from church did so great putting drama with the choir. We had a great group in the choir. The children had part in it, too. It was such a blessing. I could barely sing, but managed to croak out some notes. I basically just stood in the choir loft and watched everything around me and thought of what it all means. I just stood there almost crying several times. After the musical we had a great time of fellowship with the deacons, their wives and our pastor and his wife. Someone kept all of the children at church while we went to another person's house. :)

Now the kids are watching "It's a Wonderful Life". I need to get up and keep cleaning for our company. Remember, I said it was my Christmas present? It is coming together. I told Matt that I didn't want to stress this holiday, so I am trying to lower my expectations a little. I mean I want it all perfectly clean and organized....that's all. Is that unreasonable? :)

Tomorrow we are going to try to get out and get the whole family to do something for someone else. We are praying about what we need to do. The kids have been making a little origami, so maybe we can go to a nursing home with those and sing. There isn't a soup kitchen in Oxford that I know of. We are so blessed, we need to be doing for others.

Our good friend, Amber, was sweet enough to take our family Christmas picture. We are blessed because she is a professional photographer. It was great (sarcastic...) . You may know how it is. "Kids, you better sit there and act like you are happy!!!!!!!!" "Nobody move....and SMILE." OK, it wasn't quite that bad. Almost. I think it turned out pretty good, though. Not everyone's best, but the best of the whole group.

Hope your holiday is the most blessed ever. Take care.

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Mandye said...

LOVE this picture of ya'll! It's beautiful!!! Hope you had a great Christmas!
God Bless,

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