Friday, January 25, 2008

the Tooth Fairy pays big for knocked-out teeth

I can't believe that so much has happened since I last posted. First, Claire had a virus and we stayed home last Monday. Then the next night, Claire was spinning to put her Bible down and she lost control and hit the table with her face. She howled for about an hour after pulling our one of her teeth. Thank goodness it was a baby tooth. Needless to say, the T. Fairy paid big. She even left Claire a note saying she was sorry that Claire had had such a tough time.

Friday night Mamaw came and we had a great weekend. She went home Sunday morning. After church I got a call from Mom saying "Laurie, I don't mean to alarm you, but, I have had a little problem." She said this from St. Dominic's hospital in Jackson, MS.....with a broken hip. I left Oxford and joined her in Jackson. Matthew and I saw her for a little while then stayed with Mamaw. Mom has so many friends that wanted to spend the night at the hospital, that I had to wait in line. :) I guess this is a blessing, even though I came to Jackson to be with her. I got to stay there until after her surgery on Monday, then Matty and I came back home.

She is doing great now, and is in rehab for her hip. She should be back home later next week. They didn't realize the spunky person they were dealing with. I am glad that she is bouncing back so well.

School the rest of the week was semi-uneventful, even though I postponed the 4th - 6th grade musical until February 21st (to be able to go help Mom again), and I had some 'splaining to do to my kids at school. Some are so ready to put it on because they are nervous. I tried to tell them that a little extra time would not hurt us.

Today at around 1:30 they made an announcement that we were going to be let out early today because of the bad weather coming in. I left school about 2:00. I made sure to not go the back roads that I usually take home because I thought that going the highway would be safer. Well.........
while driving on Hwy. 7, and trying to stay back from the car in front of me, I still had a wreck when the car in front of her (I know her now because I had to exchange insurance info, etc. with her) turned suddenly and she had to stop. I tried to stop, but slid on the ice. Now our car is not in such good shape. Matt did jump on the hood when I got home and it has gone down some. I thought it was totaled, but now am not so sure. Matt says that people drive around in "jacked up" cars all the time. I didn't laugh. To add to my humiliation, many of my students came by while I was talking to the highway patrolman and was receiving an accident report. Uggg. I felt sort of moronic. Anyway, now I have soaked, taken some ibuprofen and am relaxing in my robe. The bad thing was when I called to check on my mom, and she ended up worrying about me. Argg. I don't want her to worry ever, but especially from her hospital room. Shhheeeeesh.

What a couple of weeks.......
We have so much to be thankful for. Mom is OK, I am OK, Claire is OK, everyone else in my family is OK. I actually turned in some school paperwork on time. Yea! Now time for the weekend.
Hope all of yours are great!

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