Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Benjamin!!

Benjamin is our now 12 year old. Today is his big day. It seems like he always gets the shaft when it comes to his birthday. Like something out of the ordinary is happening and he doesn't get to have just a normal, go out to eat....sing, eat cake, open presents, etc. birthday. Many years ago his brother, Matthew, had an appendectomy on B's birthday, a couple of years after that, or it may have been the next year, Hurricane Katrina came through Mississippi and he spent his b-day in the dark with candles. This b-day his mom is being a dud and is puny in the bed. (Well, now at the computer, because I was going completely stir crazy).

Well, thank goodness we had a birthday party at the Skate Place last weekend for his birthday. He always envisions having a family "party" too. His dad has made his day now, though. He has just taken B and Jacob to Wal-mart to buy Nerf swords so they can fight to their hearts' content for the rest of the night. A birthday cake is going to come in there sometime, too. Happy Birthday, Benjamin!! We love you!

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