Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas cheer

Hi there. My name is Laurie, and I used to blog.
Last post was December 7. Since then there have been 3 or 4 Christmas programs, parties, exams, basketball duty, etc.
The high school choir sang in between acts of Stocking Stuffers. This was the drama dept.'s skits. They were great. The choir had a good time being a part of this. There has been so much drama in choir that we haven't needed any skits. Things are getting better, though. We had a party after our exam on Friday, and the kids were pretty cordial to each other.
We are working on becoming a choir that pulls together. The kids haven't had opportunities to be a part of something excellent, and putting out the kinds of energy that it takes to get there. With every performance of Stocking Stuffers I saw them get better and better. We still need to work on behavior. I put a lot about concert etiquette on the choir exam. I hope they didn't miss any of those questions.
I could write for about an hour about the Kindergarten and 1st grade Christmas program. Let me just say that it was wild. The kids were so very cute in their penguin costumes. The parents loved it. We learned a lot from it that I believe we will benefit from next time and forever. One person said "I was just sitting there watching you and thinking that you were about to lose it." I kept my sanity. The kids were so excited to be penguins and that their moms and dads were in the audience that they were having a party on the risers. They wouldn't look at me to save their lives. I had to get up and literally say "Boys and girls, look at me!" Hee, heee. I can laugh about it now. One girl shook her head, not wanting to come and say her lines. I gave her a very desperate look. I think she knew I was about to lose it. We finally got to the end, though.
I am wiser now, although I don't know how you keep Kindergartners from looking at their parents, except to practice for two weeks at school and threaten them. I didn't want to do either. The teachers were so busy testing, etc. We wanted to save their school time. We'll find a happy medium next time. The kids were pumped up, though, because one of our songs called for a kazoo, and they all got one of their very own. I have to swallow my pride often. It is not hard for the Lord to keep me humble. :)
On December 16th the kids at church did a program. The youth and children's choir. Youth in the morning, children at night. They all did such a great job. I couldn't believe that the Jones children actually sang solos (except you know who.) Jacob and Claire did great jobs.
Here is Claire.

The church just goo-gooed over all of the kids. They were so sweet.

The youth had been doing an advent wreath starting December 2nd. It has been so cool to see them read and light the candles. There was a tense moment when a certain un-named youth tried to light the candles last week.
After school was out this past week, we really got into Christmas. Matt had Rhapsody rocking with his 426 track Christmas play list. The songs are so great. So much good Jazz. Ella Fitzgerald, Burl Ives, Mel Torme, Laurence Juber, Vince Guaraldi, The Jackson 5, The Chipmonks.
The youth did a live nativity scene on Friday night. Wow! I still am trying to get over Matthew and his friend Stephen being sheep. Here is a little taste of that.

Matt used the money that Grandma and Grandpa sent to buy the kids two collections of Christmas movies. All of the classics including Frosty's Christmas in July (a little freakish if you ask me), The one with baby new year, and all of the best ones.
My family has kind of gotten a new favorite. It's called Robbie the Reindeer. It's made by the Wallace and Gromit people.
We had to watch "Meet Me in St. Louis" a bunch of times, too.
These holidays have been great. So much of a blur, though. I hate getting to the last day of school and thinking "Man, I meant to get this person a gift." I will have to plan a little more ahead next time. I also will try better to find out details about my own children's programs. Jacob had one that Matt and I really didn't know much about, until it was all over. Better communication next year.
The adult choir at church is having our program in the morning. It is called One of Us. Mom is coming and then no church tomorrow night. Matt and I are going to have a date. I never thought we would have gone so long without one. I forgot that Matthew did babysit not too long ago for Matt and me to go see Dan in Real Life. Still, another is needed. I have read that you are supposed to plan one every week. Also a date with each of your kids. We are long overdue. That is a new year's resolution.
Jacob, Claire and I are about to go to my worst nightmare of a store to find Matthew and Benjamin a present. This year we have combined the kids so they can get each other something they would really like and not just something to say that they got each other something. So Matthew and Benjamin bought one present for Jacob and one for Claire. That trip took us about 4 hours, so I don't expect to be back anytime soon. I did tell Claire and Jacob if they fussed at all, that we would come straight home. We might be home early.
Tomorrow is the fourth Sunday of advent. Then Christmas Eve is Monday night. We get to light the big white candle. Happy Birthday, Jesus. Thank you for loving us enough to come here for us. We don't deserve it in any way, but are grateful for it anyway.
Here is a really cool video I got from a friend:
The Watchmaker.

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bryant boy said...

"Hi there. My name is Laurie, and I used to blog." welcome back we all missed ya. merry christmas and happy new year from the bryants.

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